Eight years ago I announced that I was going to run for the District 2 Seat on the Orange County Board of Commissioners.  As a lifelong resident of Orange County I felt that I could bring a needed voice for the residents of District 2 regardless of where they lived in the District.

Since my election in 2010, I have made an effort to ensure that everyone’s viewpoint is given consideration.  I have served as a Commissioner, Vice Chair and as Chair of the Board.  Funding the Health Department, Social Services, and other county departments to make sure that everyone receives fair and adequate service will continue to be focus areas.   Working together we can continue to provide a high level of services without excessive tax increases.

I served on the Orange County Planning Board until my election to the Orange County Board of Commissioners.  My life experiences have allowed me to collaborate effectively with other members and to voice the opinions of my constituents consistently. I have openly asked for feedback regarding issues important to those I represent.  I have worked, I worked to bring to the forefront the issues and needs of the people of District 2 and have had an opportunity to meet with various individuals and organizations to promote Orange County.  I have also worked closely with the two school systems as a member of the Schools Collaboration Committee to learn of the needs of the systems and advocate for monies to ease their burdens as continued cuts from the state occur.

I understand that hard work will be required and I accept the responsibility of ensuring that future generations have a safe, healthy, environmentally clean place to live.  Your support and advice will help foster responsible, common sense county government.